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Protect Yourself Against The Ultra Violet Rays
by Lester Hotola

Everyone loves the beach! The soft sand, cool water, and
super sunshine draws record crowds when the weather turns
warm. Although the sun provides long, warm days, the rays
can be quite detrimental to you health. The sun's warm
rays produce Ultra Violet (UV) light that has the
potential of harming the skin and may result in malignant
cancers. Using a few defensive measures, you can take
steps to protect yourself against these harmful rays.

The easiest way to avoid UV rays is to protect you from
sun's rays for long periods. Use an umbrella; shelter or
any means of shade when you sit or relax near a beach. But
being in the shade does not guarantee absolute protection
against UV rays. The sun beats down powerfully from ten O'
clock in the morning and four O' clock in the afternoon. So
try to avoid the sun at these times. You require UV
protection even on non-sunny days as UV light reaches the
Earth's surface even under cloudy conditions. The harmful
effects of UV rays are accentuated by its reflection of
water and sand; hence the beach's popular features become
its harmful ingredients.

When you sit in the sun you should wear light clothes to
protect your skin from the direct rays of the sun. Don't
forget to wear your sunglasses as well to shield your eyes
and the skin around the eyes. Your sunglasses should have
good quality lenses even if they are not very stylish. The
clothes should be able to provide a protective cover to
your body. In that sense the bikinis are the least
suitable. Also wear a wide brim hat or a lightweight
cover-up. If none of these fits your style then use a

Though most of you yearn for a perfect suntan, but spare a
thought for the health of your skin. Too much exposure to
the sun can lead to premature wrinkling, sunspots, rashes,
and other skin ailments including skin cancer. A sunscreen
of at least 15 spf applied at least 20 minutes before you
venture out in the sun would protect your skin from the
harmful UV light. Just look for waterproof or sweat proof
sunscreen, which is an ideal one for the beach. Follow the
manufacturer's instructions for applying and reapplying the
sunscreen on your body. Delicate areas such as the tips of
your ears and soles of your feet require your proper care.
Lips also require special care, as the chances of lip burn
or chap is quite high on prolonged exposure to the sun.

These precautions are imperative to keep a healthy skin for
long. If you must tan your skin, you can go in for other
products like sunless tanners and spray-on tans. They will
help you get the sun-kissed look without risking your

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