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Adding up Calculators
by Latu Molupli

Calculators today come in many different types and with many
different functions and abilities ranging from the simple to
the complex. You can calculate anything from simple math
problems to mortgage payments to complex mathematical

When you think about calculators, the first type that comes
to mind is likely a numeric calculator. These calculators
perform all of the basic mathematical functions like adding,
multiplication, and percentages along with some slightly
more complicated functions like square roots. Most homes
or school classrooms have these types of calculators readily

There are also calculators designed for specific jobs or
tasks. These include: loan and mortgage calculators,
statistical calculators, scientific engineering calculators,
currency, time, graphing, temperature, statistical,
financial, and even calculators that can convert feet and
inches to the metric system of measurement.

If you are considering buying a home, you might want to use
a mortgage calculator. You simply put in the purchase
price, the length of financing, and the interest rate and
you will have an estimate of the monthly payments you can
expect. You can also use this to see the amortization of
your loan so that you know how much is going to the interest
and principal each month. You can use a financial
calculator to examine other types of investment as well. If
you are considering investing in the stock market, you can
enter the purchase price of a stock or bond and the
calculator will figure out how much you can afford and the
return you can expect on your investment based on the
inflation rate. It will also tell you how long it will take
to reach a desired account balance. Of course, this will
all depend on the market performance, but you can get a good

Using a loan comparison calculator allows you to look at two
or more loan options to see how much you will pay over the
life of the loan. When you are thinking about refinancing
your mortgage, for example, you can figure out if the you
will be able to reclaim the closing costs of the refinance
or if it is more cost effective to stay with your current

If you are planning a trip out of the country, a currency
calculator is an excellent tool. You can convert whatever
currency you are taking to the currency of the country you
are visiting, so that you will know what the rate of
exchange should be and whether or not you are getting a fair
deal on the products and services you are using.

When you begin to plan for retirement, you should look at a
retirement spending calculator. You simply enter your
retirement savings amount, or the goal for your retirement
savings amount and your estimated monthly withdrawal amount.
The calculator will figure out how much your savings deplete
over time based on amortization and interest earned.

Calculators are valuable tools that can be used in a wide
variety of fields and purposes. You don't need a calculator
to figure out that their advantages all add up to big
savings for you and added information that will help you to
make better decisions for finances and life.

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