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The Best Realtor Knows How To Listen
by Jimmy Arnot

Today's house hunter want a Realtor with a lot of pizazz,
and rightfully so! Today's market is increasingly diverse
and full of competitors ready to steal an interested home
buyer away from another Realtor in a snap. Home-buyers know
this and are willing to wait for the right Realtor to come
along who suits their needs and goals. What makes some
Realtors mesh with so many buyers and sellers better than
others in this highly competitive field?

Once of the most stressful periods in someone's life is
moving. The process of buying or selling a home requires
patience, the ability to adapt and knowledge. The right
Realtor is trained in all those areas and is willing to help
the buyer or seller understand these issues as well. A
Realtor that exhibits this good rapport will go a long way.
Believing in your Realtor's competence is as important as
evaluating how your Realtor interacts with you and those
around her. In the world of real estate, there is a saying,
"You can teach a Realtor skills but you can~t teach him
attitude". So, make sure your Realtor's attitude is
compatible with yours since the two of you will be working
together a lot.

Just as every home will not be a perfect match, you also
aren't going to click perfectly with every Realtor. In many
ways, choosing a Realtor is a matter of preference and
personality matching. Many studies about traits that home
buyers look for in a Realtor indicate that the Realtor's
expertise is not the top listed characteristic; instead, how
well the Realtor responds to you is of utmost importance to
most home buyer. Thus, the Realtors in highest demand are
those who take the time to listen to, examine and
investigate your hopes and dreams. Look for a Realtor who
matches your enthusiasm and energy, which creates effective
teamwork between you and your Realtor.

Many Realtors are only motivated by commission and push to
quickly close a deal. When you find a Realtor that is only
interested in "time is money" rather than the gift of time,
you should run the other way. This lack of interest in
customer appreciation often leaves you lacking the necessary
information to understand your decisions and remain positive
about this experience. You deserve as stress-free of a
buying or selling experience as your Realtor can make it.
The best Realtors understand the seriousness of going over
details and are more than happy to answer any of your
questions at a pace that you are comfortable with.

The best customer service is of utmost interest to many
clients. They would prefer a Realtor that is part of a firm
that offers outstanding customer service. Knowing that
their Realtor has access to these support structures is very
important, as well as knowing that their Realtor will be
around for a long time after closing. Many clients are also
looking for 24-hours phone center, money-back guarantees,
quality-control standards, and very relevant information.
The best Realtor is able to offer these services and works
to supply the best possible customer service.

In today's fast paced competitive market, a good Realtor
knows his effort pay off best when he's highly knowledgeable
about the real estate market and performs stellar customer
service. Home buyers are quick to pick up on this and
willing to hunt for the right Realtor. To read more about
what makes a Realtor shine above the rest of the pack, visit
National Association for Realtors at www.realtor.org.

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