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Do you need to use a realtor?
by Albert Apfelle

In recent years, it has become a necessary evil for the
budget conscious to find new ways to save money.
Putting up a house for sale by the owner rather than a
realtor is a more recent phenomenon in the art of cost
cutting. People who have homes for sale are beating
realtors at their own game by salvaging their hard
earned money and selling their homes in a
do-it-yourself manner.

Not long ago when a homeowner wanted to sell his house he
would put it up for sale with the help of the realtor who
took commission for his time and expertise. This
commission, usually 6% of the home sale price was given by
some homeowners as a fee for convenience and for covering
risk. Other homeowners who are more budget conscious
consider it a waste of money and would rather keep this
money for their own use.

You must have seen many billboards displaying " For Sale By
Owner" which has become the new fad for advertising the
sale of a home. This is also a new phenomenon in the art of
cost cutting that the vast majority of people have adopted
with glee. Even websites based on this practice could be
found for almost every state in America. These websites
contain plenty of information to help an individual to list
his or her home for sale. Usually this information on
how-to-do-it-yourself is provided free of charge with the
site owner making money by selling marketing material such
as web space and signage to assist a successful sale. The
resources offered by such sites are so comprehensive that
the consumer of "for sale by owner" is quite content and
thus the sellers keep out the realtors entirely out of the

There is no doubt that the homeowner can gather ample
knowledge about the sale from the various web sites and
save money on the realtor's commission, but the result may
not always turn out to be very gratifying. The bottom line
is that the homeowner needs to spend time to become fully
aware of all the nitty-gritty of the entire process and be
specifically particular to find out about all the essential
documentation for a smooth and successful transaction. In
other words, if the homeowner fails to do proper research
his do-it-yourself 'for sale by owner' experiment can turn
into a terrible experience.

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