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Home Shopping Made Easy
by Sam Dolcettina

When looking for a new home it is important to decide on
the features that are most important to you before going
shopping. Go over those details with your family and make
a list so that everyone~s needs and expectations can be
met. It may not be possible to fulfill all expectations,
but you will have a clearer idea of what you and your
family want in your dream home, and you will come closer
to meeting that objective. Here are some tips to assist

1. What kind of home do you want? What surroundings do you
want your home to be in? Home size, landscape, topography,
and proximity to water, mountains, and trees all play
a part in making a home desirable to you. Check things
like drainage, water sources, sewage, and power. If you
have special needs, like small children or large pets,
consider any extras you may need to pay extra to have
installed (e.g. fences, out buildings).

2. Check the home~s structural condition. Ask about its
age, foundation, and basic functions. For example: Does the
chimney work? Is the electric up to code? What condition is
the plumbing in? Find out what in the house will need work
before you decide to purchase.

3. What appliances are in the home? What condition are
those appliances in? Are there additional appliances you
will need to purchase to meet your family's needs if you
buy this home? Ask similar questions about draperies,
carpets, supplemental lighting, and various fixtures.

4. What are the neighbors like? What is the community
like? What are the crime statistics for both the
neighborhood and the municipality? What amenities (e.g.
parks, pools) are provided either within the neighborhood
or in the muncipality? Use questions like these to
determine the quality-of-life in the area your new home
will be located.

5. Be informed about the taxes, utilities and other
potential costs which may arise with ownership of the
property. An example is that city planners may be deciding
to upgrade to city water line or sidewalks for the area.
This would mean additional taxes or increased spending.

Make a list of questions to ask regarding the details
listed above and that also accounts for your family's
special needs that weren't mentioned in this article.
Selecting your new home can be a painless process if you
plan ahead, ask detailed questions, and keep records of
your findings.

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