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Investing In Real Estate For A Profit
by Shelley Skarda

What kind of property would you buy if price had no limit?
Do you picture a log cabin along a secluded lake or an empty
lot that could hold a tall building? The purpose of real
estate is not just to provide shelter; some seek real estate
as a way to do business. For many, real estate is for
investing and growing capital; others take on real estate to
own property and build or rent commercial affairs. The
biggest motivating factor for many real estate buyers is to
achieve the almighty buck.

In many ways, many homeowners have the same agenda. Not too
many homeowners purchase property just to have a roof over
their head. If this were the case, homeowners wouldn't need
so much square footage, numerous bathroom, multiple garages
and lots of acreage. These comforts are meant to keep the
property desirable to future owners and hence make a profit
upon selling. In the same respect, buyers who seek out
property with the potential for development are looking to
make a profit. In the meantime, these buyers are hunting
for ideal land, with or without a building that makes a
great tax write-off.

The stock market is not always an inviting arena. Hence
when investors and businesses are looking for ways to make
money, they turn to the real estate market. Lenders use
unique ways to lure investors into the real estate market
such as offering low prime interest rates. This maneuver in
many ways helps keep the economy running smoothly. When
investors enter this market at the right time, they can
quickly turn around and sell their properties for a profit
as soon as interest rates go up and the economy is more
stable. This shift is often referred to as the seller's

The safest way to invest in real estate is to purchase
property and rent it out. Over a decent period of time or
once the mortgage is paid off, the owner often finds that
his return has almost doubled. Plus, as rental prices
adjust to inflation and continually flow his way, the owner
gains additional income. In many ways, this is how "The
Donald" triumphed over the real estate market. When Trump
saw prime real estate, he set out to purchase that land and
built highly desirable rental property that many people were
willing to use as a residence or place of business.

Although not everyone has the initial capital to invest in
real estate, the opportunities for making a profit out of
owning real estate is very real. Don~t expect miracles
overnight. Many scams exist, so be careful in how you
approach these ventures. Consulting a reliable expert is
always advisable.

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