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What To Look For In Travel Insurance
by Puela Versiche

Travel can be really satisfying but when thinking about a
trip it is important to remember that things do not always
go to plan. Therefore taking some time to think about
travel insurance can give you the peace of mind you need to
enjoy yourself.

Before talking about travel insurance it is worth reminding
ourselves that common sense should travel with us. The
insurance does not allow us to behave in irresponsible ways
that would not wash at home. So if you would not dream of
riding your motorbike without a safety helmet at home, make
sure you wear one when you are away.

In order to get a better deal there are some things that
your should bear in mind. If the holiday company that you
are using has the option for insurance do not opt for it
without considering others, as it may not be the best or
the cheapest.

You could take a few minutes to use the Internet to
research travel insurance companies or phone a few places
in order to make a comparison. Also, it is worthwhile
taking to the credit card companies you use or the
companies who provide your household insurance - you may
find that you have some level of insurance cover in your
existing policies. If you have paid for a booking using
your credit card it could be that you are covered for
problems with flights or cancellations. These companies
that you are already doing business with may be inclined to
offer you a good deal on travel insurance.

Travel policies will cover lost and stolen property,
documents and some amount of money. This cover will not, of
course, be infinite and all policies will place a limit on
the amount they will pay. Try to match the policy level to
your goods. If you holiday with equipment that is worth
only a 1000 dollars do not waste money on a policy that
will pay out one hundred thousand. If you have valuable
stuff, then insure appropriately.

If you have special equipment - very valuable photography
equipment for instance - then take out special insurance.
Tell the insurance company what you want covered - if you
keep quiet then you will probably find the company will not
pay out if you need to claim, so the only person you are
hurting is yourself.

In the same way, if you plan to do some adventurous
activities like scuba diving or motorcycling, take out a
policy that covers them - many travel insurance policies do
not. If you choose not to tell the company about your plans
then you are not covered and you may as well have done
without insurance altogether.

Look carefully at the medical cover and be sure it is right
for the place you are going. In particular ensure that
repatriation is covered - if you need to get home because
of ill health you insurance should cover you.

If you have any problems whilst abroad, contact your
insurance company (make sure that is easy to do when you
take out the policy), and keep records of any police
report, medical bills or emergency supplies that you had to

There is no need to leave everything to your insurance
policy, and your holiday will be better if you take
responsibility by keeping a copy of each passport in the
group, noting the check number on your travellers checks
etc. Be smart with your money, and put your valuable things
in a hotel safe. Avoid water that you do not think is
clean, have any injection and take any pills before you go.
Enjoy your holiday.

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