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by canos avontur

A small lightweight boat that is propelled by paddles is
called canoe. The number of paddles is determined by the
size of the canoe. The persons in a canoe may be sitting
or kneeling on a frame. Canoes are used for fishing,
camping, rafting, taking pictures, bird watching, among
other things. There are three categories regarding canoes:

Versatile canoes - Canoes of this sort are designed to be
used in calm lakes and whitewater. They are easy to
manoeuvre and bigger than those recreational canoes.
Canoe camping trips are best done on versatile canoes.

Versatile canoes- This type of canoe is designed for use in
calm lakes as well as whitewater. They have great
maneuverability and are larger than recreational canoes.
Versatile canoes are perfect for canoe camping trips.

River canoes - These canoes are abrasion and impact
resistant. Their versatile design deflect water and makes
them ideal for river water. They are supported with plenty
of rockers that enhance maneuverability. These types of
canoes are ideal for running rapids and river rafting.

Canoes are made up of various types of sizes and material.
It mainly depends on the need and activities of the person,
which type of canoe he wants to choose. The canoes are made
up of four basic materials. Wood, aluminum, plastic and
fiber. Some materials are more suited to certain types of
designs. The choice of canoes material effects the
performance, weight, impact, efficiency and price.

Wood canoes

Canoes in the past were mainly built of wood. They were
made of birchbark, dugout, cedar-plank sided, and other
kinds of wood. Those canoes of present day are made of
different types of wood. Today they are mainly made of
cedar strip and wood canvas. Glued strips of cedar wood
and a wooden framed hull are used to build cedar strip
canoes. By using wood to make these canoes, one is
allowed to construct complex hull shapes. That is why a
canoe can deliver enhanced performance. These canoes
are really heavier than those made of other materials.
They also require more maintenance than other canoes.

Aluminum canoes

These canoes are cheap and inexpensive due to the low cost
of aluminum. These canoes are a bit heavy however and
their ends cannot be streamlined. Aluminum canoes also
get stuck on rocks alot and get dents. Once an Aluminum
canoe is dented its there forever. Aluminum canoes also
need maintenance and care.

Plastics canoes

These ones are more slippery than those made of
aluminium, but they do not get stuck on rocks so easily.
They are not as stiff as other materials. They cannot be
streamlined so well, and they cannot get complex shapes
either. They are slow if they are compared to those made
of wood or fiberglass.

Fiber Canoes

These canoes are very strong and resistant to damage from
rocks and extreme temperatures. Fiber canoes are also easy
to repair when they do get damaged. They are a perfect
choice for rough whitewater rafting and require very little

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